Our COVID-19 response

Our primary goal throughout the pandemic has been to put people first, keeping our team members and the pharmaceutical supply chain safe while continuously serving our customers and patients. 

At AmerisourceBergen, we are united in our responsibility to create healthier futures.

Our purpose has never been more critical than in the work we are doing during COVID-19 to continue to deliver daily—without disruption—up to 4.5 million medications per day—to over tens of thousands of healthcare provider customers that include hospitals, pharmacies, physician practices, and veterinary clinics around the world. 

“I’m proud of the response and resiliency that AmerisourceBergen has demonstrated during the COVID-19 pandemic in meeting the daily patient needs across the entire country – in real time. Our work with both the federal government and private enterprises has literally redefined the pharmaceutical supply chain.”

Heather Zenk

President, Distribution Services and Supply Chain Operations
Working closely with health agencies and monitoring government guidance, we navigated new ways of working together to meet client and patient needs. Our response focused on prioritizing the safety and wellbeing of our team members. For our frontline workers who were unable to do their jobs from home, we enhanced cleaning protocols and upheld social distancing guidelines in our distribution centers. New programs—such as back-up dependent care and a paid time-off policy for those needing to self-quarantine or to care for family members—were created to further alleviate the personal challenges our teams are managing. To maintain mental and physical health, we provided teams with resources including online meditation and mindfulness videos as well as access to at-home fitness activities. In addition, we increased support through our Associate Assistance Fund by offering financial assistance for those who may have contracted the virus, had a family member diagnosed with COVID-19, or if household income was impacted, such as from a spouse experiencing job loss. We also provided Personal Protective Equipment not only to our frontline workers, but also to our health partners serving their neighborhoods. Our sourcing and distribution teams have leveraged our commercial expertise and data and analytics capabilities to provide manufacturers and government entities with actionable channel insights. We have also been able to meet stakeholder needs while enabling the continuity and stability of the supply chain. 
Our response also focused on meeting challenges from the crisis with innovative solutions, such as offering flexible financing options for those struggling to afford quality pet care in an uncertain economic landscape. We also increased inventory at the distributor level to ensure equitable distribution when meeting demand surge for specific medicines and to maintain security of the supply chain. We are proud to be the distributor of Remdesivir, a medication used to treat COVID-19, and our role in vaccine distribution.

We are proud that the AmerisourceBergen Foundation committed $1 million to support communities, individuals, and nonprofits impacted by COVID-19. The Foundation supported longtime non-profit partners working on the frontlines, such as Americares, Direct Relief, and Healthcare Ready. To assist the regions where our team members live and work, the Foundation also identified a number of regional organizations that provided immediate grants to those disproportionally affected by COVID-19. 
“Before we didn't have any shields, we didn't have any goggles…I am so grateful. I'm going to be able to tell my nurses we don't have to worry. We are going to have enough gowns. We are going to have enough masks. We are going to be able to stay open. We're going to be able to serve all our underserved patients who are really afraid.” 
Josefina, Clinic Coordinator at Neighborhood Clinic in Tacoma, Washington, Americares