Healthy Communities for All

Corporate giving

Our corporate giving approach is consistent with our beliefs, values, and company purpose. We have a culture that inspires an active and caring group of team members who continually give selflessly of their time and resources, making a real difference in their communities in times of need or crisis.


Corporate contributions and product donations are vital to accelerating impact across our numerous communities around the world. In FY21, AmerisourceBergen and Alliance Healthcare together provided over $3M in financial contributions to community-based organizations and global non-profits.
Alliance Healthcare Romania supported 49 community initiatives, donating over $500,000 to their top nine charity partners. 


Alliance Healthcare also continued their 10-year partnership with the European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC) to build and support the first pan-European infrastructure, SPECTA, which allows for the rapid implementation of new clinical trials and robust translational cancer research across tumor types, including rare cancers. It helps guide patients’ treatments based on their own tumor report analysis, diagnosed and confirmed by a group of leading international experts in the field. 


AmerisourceBergen partnered with the American Cancer Society to support their Get Screened initiative, which encourages community members to participate in cancer screenings. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a significant drop in cancer screening tests particularly among people facing greater social or economic barriers. Get Screened includes a public awareness campaign, research into the impact of COVID on screening and outcomes, community outreach, and state and coalition leadership to provide communities with the necessary resources to undergo screenings.


Product donations

AmerisourceBergen and Alliance Healthcare also provided over $4.7 million in over-the-counter product donations to organizations such as Americares, Feeding America, and Direct Relief. Our donation of excess inventory has provided the opportunity for medical teams to dispense medications to underserved populations in need while also providing critical resources to parts of the world impacted by the pandemic and natural disasters.

Program spotlight

Alloga UK, an Alliance Healthcare business, supports International Health Partners (IHP), a non-profit that collects medicine donations from pharmaceutical manufacturers and other donors before distributing them to underserved areas of the world. In the last year, Alloga UK increased its support to further advance health equity by not only donating medicines to IHP’s Essential Health Pack program, but by assuming packing and shipping responsibilities as well as storing excess inventory.

“Without Alloga UK’s expertise and dedication, we would not have been able to send over 5 million treatments this year, which is an incredible achievement considering the circumstances. Your work packing the Essential Health Packs enables us to get medicines to those who would otherwise go without. Thank you on behalf of the vulnerable people that you are helping.” 

— Colleen, Director of Logistics & Systems, IHP